Missouri Breastfeeding Law and Federal Laws

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company about Lactation Coverage (download)

Regional Resource Guides

Personal Help

La Leche League

U.S. Lactation Consultants Assn

MO Dept of Health Peer Counselors

Employment/School Concerns

Federal Law about time and space to express milk: The PUMP Act

Federal Law about accommodations for pregnant and breastfeeding workers: Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Discussing Concerns with Your Employer (a series of three videos)

Talking with Your Boss about Breastfeeding Concerns (a state specific download)

Employer Solutions by Industry

The Business Case for Breastfeeding a comprehensive program designed to educate employers about the value of supporting breastfeeding employees in the workplace

WorkLife Law’s Pregnant@Work advocates for expanding breastfeeding rights and offers a FREE hotline for students and workers 415-703-8276 or hotline@worklifelaw.org

The Pregnant Scholar for students, faculty, and Title IX officers

USBC’s Online Workplace GuideĀ 

Helpline–A Better Balance provides a free and confidential legal helpline for help with understanding workplace rights around caring for yourself and your family 833-NEED-ABB (833-633-3222)

Helpful Breastfeeding Websites–Early Days

Ready, Set, Baby–Free online breastfeeding class for parents from Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute & Connecticut Dept. of Health

Laid Back Breastfeeding–Suzanne Colton’s Biological Nurturing

Deep Latch Technique for Pain-Free Breastfeeding–video by Wagonbird

“Good drinking” videos and handouts from Dr Jack Newman

Reverse Pressure Softening for Engorgement–video

Breast massage and Hand Expression for Engorgement–video from Breastfeeding Medicine of Northeast Ohio

Low Milk Supply–techniques for increasing or decreasing supply; galactagogue charts by Diana West

Hands-On Pumping–maximizing milk production and other good video and handouts from Dr Jane Morton

Helpful Websites — General Info

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine–protocols for managing breastfeeding developed by international committees of physicians

A Tale of Two Births/The Baby Friendly Rap–fun video promoting Baby Friendly practices

Breastfeeding NZ–good latch video with captions and New Zealand sign language

Global Health Media–short videos on latch and many aspects of breastfeeding, separate sets for mothers and health care professionals

Tom Hale’s Infant Risk Center–in-person help for information on medications in breastfeeding mothers

Kellymom–general info

LacMed–information about medications in breastfeeding mothers

La Leche League International–breastfeeding info from A to Z

La Leche League USA–topic-specific FAQs and handouts to download (scroll down at link)

USDA WIC Breastfeeding Support–short articles and videos for families

WIC Breastfeeding Support in Missouri–breastfeeding info and how to apply for WIC services

Helpful Websites — Special Circumstances


Anesthesia and Breastfeeding–statement on resuming breastfeeding after anesthesia by Am. Soc. Anesthesiologists Oct. 2019

Mastitis–explanation/recommendations for parents; webinar for health care providers; ABM protocol #36

Tongue/Lip Tie

Tools to Download

The “Book on Breastfeeding Poster” by Mercy Hospital-St. Louis. This poster helps keep parents, staff, and grandparents “on the same page” about when to breastfeed a baby, feeding cues, etc.

Breastfeeding-Friendly Food Pantry Guidelines

Your Guide to Breastfeeding an easy-to-read publication from DHHS Office on Women’s Health. Single copies can be downloaded and printed as needed, or free copies can be requested in bulk (20 – 200) by calling Office on Women’s Health 800-994-9662

Missouri Breastfeeding Statistics

USBC State Breastfeeding Reports

CDC Breastfeeding Report Card 2022

CDC mPINC Scores for Missouri (Hospitals’ maternity care practices that support breastfeeding) 2018, 2020 (The survey was redesigned in 2018, so scores prior to 2018 cannot be compared to 2018 and beyond. For earlier scores, scroll down here)

Missouri DHHS/WIC Handouts & Posters

free to download or free to request in bulk in many languages

Breastfeeding Plan (like a birth plan, but for breastfeeding)
Breastfeeding is Important
CDC Breast Pump Cleaning Guidelines
Hospital Crib Cards (photo not included, but can be ordered on the order form)
How to Know Your Baby is Getting Enough
Missouri Breastfeeding Law Cards (photo not included, but can be ordered on the order form)
Proper Storage & Handling of Breast Milk
Proper Use of Nipple Shields
Rooming In (poster & handout)
Show-Me 5 (poster)
Skin-to-Skin (poster)
Sore Nipples